Sunday, April 15, 2012

Development Plan

Company's Workforce Development Plan

Personal Development Plan

After 30 years of experience working at different areas around the world and serving different positions including ; field, supervisory and managerial in both technical and training specialities with the company.

I’m looking forward to having the chance to develop and leverage my leadership skills to the executive managerial level by pursuing the following development plan:

1- Attend the Business Leadership Development Courses 

These are three advanced business training courses for non financial managers that are offered through a partnership between Halliburton and the Center for Executive Development in the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University. Duration of each class varies from one to three weeks, and the classes prepare the participants from all corners of the globe for executive-level decision-making positions.

2- Join the President’s Leadership Excellence Program

One year long development program that is usually offered for high potential employees. Participants work on project teams addressing specific company-related business challenges such as performance improvement initiative, alternating energy, branding, technology, sustainability and many other topics based on each year’s hot issues. Each team work on its assigned project all year under the supervision of one of the Company’s vice presidents. The teams work on analyzing the situation, researching for alternatives and formulating a workable solution, which is then presented to an audience comprising the Executive Committee and all the Company’s vice presidents. The best solutions are usually pursued for possible implementation by the company.

3- Coaching Relationship
Before pursing the chance for higher managerial job, I would like to have the opportunity for a one-on-one coaching program or to shadow one of the company executive managers for shot period of time, in order to develop, practice and enforce all the managerial skills that I have been acquired going through the last two programs.

4- Assessment 
I will be using the company’s People, Performance, Results annual appraisal report to agree with my managers to specific goals and objectives on a range of topics including ethics, financial, accountability, health, safety and environment as well as diversity and inclusion. I will also work with my manager on how to pursue my competency development plans based on my current position and the possible future positions. My manager will assess my measurable progress against the agreed-upon determined goals and results should be linked to my compensation.


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  1. Adel,
    Company-wide Employee development Plan
    Your employee development plan is very well done. You listed 5 strong reasons for proving employee development. I specifically like the idea of stressing talent management. You made a great suggestion for establishing peer and manager coaching relationships and tying those results into the end of year review and assessments.

    Personal Development Plan.
    You made a very good case for leveraging your field and management experience to move into an executive level managerial position. I think that the participation in the President's Leadership Excellence program is a great way to network and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. The opportunity to shadow an executive manager as you pointed out would be invaluable.
    Good use of your assessment tools to support self-improvement. Your personal development plan is very well designed.